Museum Galleries

Here you find a collection of pictures taken from different museums.

At the moment you can find:
* Over 5000 pictures of items from the Bronze Age to Late Medieval.
* Highly detailed pictures taken from multiple angles.
* All viking and medieval swords exibitioned in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim.

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Some of the swords in the gallery we also have extremely high resolution pictures of composited together by many photoes. You can find those here:

> Extreme HD Swords

Books and Articles

These files are big so it is recomended that you right click on the link and "Save Target As".

De Norske Vikingesverd - (The Swords of the Viking Age) Jan Pettersen 1919
>Download PDF 120 mb

Vikingetidens Redskaper - (The tools of the Viking Age) Jan Pettersen 1951 (External Link)
>Page w. PDF

Vikingetidens Smykker - (The jewelry of the Viking Age) Jan Pettersen 1951 (External Link)
>Page - no download

Den Yngre Jernalders Sværd - (The Swords of the Earlier Iron Age) Anders Lund Lorange 1889
> Download PDF 89 mb

Ring Weave - A metallographical analysis of ring mail material at the Oldsaksamlingen in Oslo - Vegard Vike 2000
> English PDF 164 mb
> Norwegian PDF 113 mb
Aditional notes to this article can be found here.


> Universitetsmuseenes Database - Database for items stored at the Norwegian Universities.
> Universitetsmuseenes Fotoportal - A photo database for items stored at the Norwegian Universities.
> Unimus Fotoportal - Another photo database for items stored at the Norwegian Universities.
> Digital Museum - Another photo database for the museums in Norway that are not connected to the Universities.
> Historiska Museet - Swedish item database
> Kulturminnesøk - A database for historical locations in Norway
> vikingsword.com - Contains a brief English translation of De Norske Vikingesverd.
> The Mästemyr Project - Contains information about a chest with tools found at Mästemyr in Sweden.
> Der Bildindex - Lots of pictures from museums in Germany and some other Europeian countries.
> Musem Gallery - A private gallery from Museums with a lot of great pictures.
> Peter Johnsson - One of the most skilled swordsmiths arround. Here you can find some of his work and his research.


> Via Armorari - Armour and weapons
> Albion Swords - Swords
> Albion Swords Europe - Albions reseller in Europe
> C.K. Kowarna (Pavel Moc) - Swords
> Patrick Barta- Swords

> Vingulmark - A group focused arround re-enactment fighting located in Oslo. We frequently fight with them and they are good people.
> Borrefylkingen- Our good friends located in Borre, Horten. Also re-enactment fighters.